Thank you

We are very happy about your interest in becoming a part of the Omnopolis community. Access to the Omnopolis grid is free and will always be free via the Hypergrid.

To create an account, however, we would like to ask you to choose an appropriate Patreon level. With this you support Omnopolis and in return we would like to offer you not only an exclusive Omnopolis user account, you will also receive handmade 3D assets, as well as land or even your own region and special user levels, e.g. on the Omnopolis Discord server.

Learn more about to become a patron.

We are also happy about all other guests, who are always welcome to visit the Omnopolis grid, participate in events, learn or just have a good time together.

If you already have an avatar in another grid (e.g. OSgrid, GermanGrid, etc) you can visit us by entering the following address in the world map of your viewer:

Or click on one of the following links:

Already a Patron?

Registration is easy. Go to the registration page. Registrations are approved by the admin. You will then immediately receive an email when your registration is approved.


Perfect to get to know
$ 9
  • 1 Exclusive Omnopolis Account
  • 1 Residential Region²
  • Weekly 500 OBits Stipend
  • Exclusive Discord Level
  • License for 5 Game Activations


Ideal to get closer
$ 12
  • 1 Exclusive Omnopolis Account
  • 1 Full Region²
  • Weekly 1250 OBits Stipend
  • Exclusive Discord Level
  • License for 25 Game Activations


Plenty of space for a big heart
$ 19
  • 2 Exclusive Omnopolis Accounts
  • 1 VAR 512m Region²
  • Weekly 2500 OBits Stipend
  • Exclusive Discord Level
  • License for 50 Game Activations

Prices depending on your local currency, Patreon will adjust the amount.

² You get the Region for the time of your Patreon support. Residential Region is 256x256m with 3000 prims. Full Region is 256x256 with 15000 Prims. Var Region is 512x512 with 45000 Prims.